Flight Academy of New Orleans Cessna

FLIGHT ACADEMY OF NEW ORLEANS (CFI/Scenic Tour Pilot ($18-$20 per hour) – Louisiana)
5701 Walter Beech Street, New Orleans, LA 70126
Tel: (504)241-9131
Email: csr@877flynola.com
Website: http://www.flynola.com
Flight Instructor/Ground Instructor

Status: Full-time, Hourly Instructor Pool $18-$20 for qualifying candidates(Potential Salary in USD for Qualified Candidates)

Reports to: Chief Instructor

FANO welcomes instructors with a vision of excellence in instruction and a commitment to employing a variety of formats, settings and styles to lead students to successful completion of their flight ratings. FANO seeks instructors who can adapt to a variety of teaching situations and who have the ability to work effectively with students, colleagues, staff and others in a climate that promotes cultural diversity and multicultural understanding. FANO also seeks instructors that can adapt to the many facets of our business including but not limited to aerial tours of New Orleans.

The person hired for this full-time position serves in a combined role and is responsible for 1) Providing flight, and ground instruction in accordance with Flight Academy of New Orleans, and FAA regulations and procedures, and 2) Developing course content, preparing schedules, maintaining records, and ensuring the course standards, training requirements, and objectives are met by each student in each flight course and 3) Conducting aerial tours, photo flights, discovery flights, etc.
Required Education and Experience:
• Associates/Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in Aviation, Management, Education or related field preferred.
• One year experience in leadership of a Federal Aviation Administration Regulations (FAR) Part 141 pilot school which conducted private pilot, instrument pilot, commercial pilot, multi-engine pilot, and flight instructor courses. • Candidate must possess pilot credentials, which meet all requirements specified in FAR Part 141.36 for the Private Pilot through Multi-Engine Instructor courses. (CFI, CFII, and MEI)
• For Assistant Chief, 2-3 years recent aviation related training delivery experience. 1 year classroom teaching experience.
• A current and valid FAA Certified GROUND INSTRUCTOR certificate, or equivalent issued by an ICAO.
• 1 year experience developing computer delivered training courseware.
• Proven ability to work with a team in a fast paced environment.
• For Assistant Chief, 2,000 hours total flight time and 500 dual given. For FI, a minimum of 250 hours dual given.
• For Assistant Chief, 1 year of either Assistant Chief Instructor or Stage Check experience.
• Current 1st or 2nd Class Medical

Must hold a current FAA Class I, or Class II Medical Certificate.

Preferred Skills and Traits:
• Imparting excitement and enthusiasm into teaching.
• Adapting to a variety of teaching situations and learning styles.
• Communicating effectively in oral and written English.
• Working effectively with colleagues, staff, students, administrators, and others of various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Team Attitude.
• Contributing to the school’s diversity initiatives and foster a climate of multicultural understanding and appreciation.
• Safety-first attitude.
• Punctuality.
• Professional appearance.

Physically and mentally demanding work environment with a high degree of confidentiality. Knowledge and use of computers for weather briefs, email correspondence, and other information is important. During a typical shift, the FI may rotate between teaching ground, conducting flight sessions, conducting aerial tours, and facility/aircraft maintenance. Shifts will be assigned in an effort to minimize long hours and each FI will be assigned one 24-hour period off, but the FI must be flexible when necessary to meet customer demands.
Weekends, from Friday evenings through Sunday afternoons, are extremely busy times. All FI’s must be available for weekend shifts. All staff meetings are mandatory. FANO does not guarantee the number of flight/ground hours expected to work.

To maintain a safe environment for everyone, FANO has a no-tolerance policy for substance abuse. An FI must be in top mental and physical condition when reporting to work. FANO may conduct periodic testing for illegal drugs without notice and does require a pre-employment drug test.

This is a full-time assignment paid hourly by flight time and ground time. Instructor Hourly Flight Pay is based on Flight Academy of New Orleans’ full-time hourly flight pay Schedule and dependent on instructor experience and qualifications. Instructor Ground Pay: is based upon Flight Academy of New Orleans’ full-time ground pay schedule. Salary may be offered for qualifying candidates.

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