Menards Cessna Citation Non Type Rated First Officers


Menards Inc, based in Eau Claire, WI is currently looking for Cessna Citation Non Type Rated First Officers to join their team of pilots. Menard fleet consists on 2x Cessna Citation Encore, 3x Cessna Citation Bravo and 2x Cessna Citation X.

Minimum Requirements : 

  • Current Commercial Pilots License with instrument and multi-engine rating
  • Current Class II medical certificate
  • 3 landings in past 90 days in multi-engine aircraft at night
  • 6 hours instrument actual or simulated and 6 instrument approaches in the past 6 months
  • Biannual flight review
  • Knowledge of FAR Part 61 and 91
  • Flight hours (The Chief Pilot may accept changes to totals listed below if deemed fit):
  • Total Flight Time of 700 hours
  • Total Multi-engine 50 hours
  • Total Instrument 50 hours

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