Better Aviation understands that to get hired for the first pilot job is not easy. Therefore we make a list for pilots hunt their first job.


Saudia : National Cadet Program (Saudi National)

Malaysia Airlines : Cadet Pilot (DCA Malaysia, Frozen ATPL)

VietJet Air : A320 Cadet Line Training Program (A320 type rated)

Air India : Pilots Recruitment

Singapore Airlines : Direct Entry Second Officers

Finnair : Direct Entry Co-Pilot

Wizz Air :Cadet pilot (non-rated)

AirAsia : Malaysia-based Direct Entry First Officer (Malaysian, DCAM fATPL)

VivaColombia : A320 Non Type Rated Junior First Officer

Alliance Air : ATR72-600 Rated Co-Pilot

Susi Air: First Officer Recruitment (CPL SE, 250 hours)

Kan Airlines : ATR 72-500 Type Rated and Non Type Rated First Officer (Thai National)


flydubai : Second Officer B737NG Type Qualification Program (Self-sponsor)

Montenegro Airlines : E195 Non Type Rated First Officers (Citizenship of Montenegro)

SunExpress : B737NG Non Type Rated First Officers

Luxair : B737NG Non Rated First Officers (European CPL/IFR with frozen ATPL)

Cathay Pacific Airways : Advanced Entry Programme (ICAO CPL, 250 hrs TT)

SAS Scandinavian Airlines : First Officers Recruitments

Turkish Airlines : Flight Instructors (Flight Instructor Rating, 250 hrs TT)

Copa Airlines : First Officers Recruitments (Panamanian Pilot : CPL, 250 hrs TT, Foreign Pilot : CPL, 1000 hrs TT)

Good luck everyone!

Last update : 07th October 2017 | 0050 UTC