There is hundreds of flying school in Philippines, choosing a flying school to start your career is IMPORTANT! Better Aviation recommended one of the BEST flying school in Philippines.

This flying school has more than 19 years in the flight training industry.

The school offering a Flight Instructor job after student graduate.

The school also hiring ICAO CPL holder become Flight Instructor.

Course offer

Airline Career Pilot

With the Airlines Career Pilot course, you will undergo Private Pilot License + Commercial Pilot License + Multi-Engine Rating + Instrument Rating + Flight Instructor with a job offer for our graduates. Most of the student after become Flight Instructor, higher chance to be employed by the airlines in Philippines.

Flight Instructor

Earning a Flight Instructor License is one way to successfully enter the world of commercial flight, gain invaluable experience and build the pilot-in-command hours needed to earn a respectable position in the world of flying. The schol also hired ICAO CPL holder become our Flight Instructor. The slot are very limited!

Commercial Pilot

With a Commercial Pilot License the opportunities really begin to emerge. As a commercial pilot, you can now be rewarded for your piloting skills. In other words, you can get paid to fly. This program more suitable for students who wish to go back their country.

Why are this flying school so good?

 Has more than 19 years in flying training industry.

 Excellent facilities (Campus, Maintenance Center, Accommodation, etc…).

Located in Subic Bay.

 The flying school offer graduate student a Flight Instructor job.

 Get paid as Flight Instructor.

 More than 20 aircrafts that ready to fly.

 Accommodation, Food, Uniform and Training Materials are provided.

 Most of the students leave here with Full ATPL (1,500 flying hours and above), higher chance to be employed by the airlines in Philippines.

 Halal Food for Muslim students.

 Affordable! Compare to outhers flying school.