There is hundreds of flying school in USA, choosing a flying school to start your career is IMPORTANT! Better Aviation recommended one of the BEST flying school in USA.

With this flying school offering a Certified Flight Instructor job after you graduate.
This allow you earn more than 1,500 flying hours and get your FAA ATP license.


Commercial Pilot

The Commercial Airline Pilot Program is for the international student that needs to possess an FAA multi-engine commercial certificate.

Commercial Pilot + Flight Instructor Ratings with Flight Instructor Job

The Commercial Pilot Program with the addition of 3 flight instructor certificates is a Part 141 and Part 61 Program. The program is designed for the international student coming from countries requiring additional hours for employment in their country. Typically these countries require up to 1,500 and to hold an FAA ATP(Airline Transport Pilot) certificate.

2 years Associate of Science & Flight Instructor Ratings with Flight Instructor Job

The graduate will receive an Associate of Science Degree from Aviator College with flight ratings from private pilot through commercial, with Flight Instructor ratings. This training is necessary to obtain employment, and by completing the associate’s degree you will set yourself apart from other applicants since a degree is preferred in the airline industry.

Why are this flying school so good?

Compare to some others flying school

Has more than 30 years in flying training industry.
Excellent facilities (Campus, Maintenance Center, Accommodation, etc…).
Located in Florida, nice weather allow you to finish your program faster than others state.
F-1 and M-1 USA Study Visa.
Flight Instructor job available. *
Get paid as Flight Instructor (USD$20 / hour).
You can earn both Single and Multi-Engine hours as Flight Instructor.
Associate Degree. In some of the country/airlines, this is minimum entry level.
Most of the students leave here with FAA ATP (1,500 flying hours and above).

* Only for Commercial Pilot with Flight Instructor Ratings and 2 years Associate of Science & Flight Instructor Ratings Program, and must meet school requirements.