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FAQ about our A.I Assistant

We created an AI (Artificial Intelligence) chatbot to answer some of your questions with more A.I involvement.

Try asking our AI Assistant: “Cabin Crew jobs in Malaysia?” or “Latest Cabin Crew jobs?”

Or provide our AI Assistant with your details, and it will help you find job matches based on your input. For example: “I am a Female, 25 years old, looking for Cabin Crew job in Malaysia.”

Yes! Try providing a text of your resume (CV) and ask our AI Assistant to improve it.

For example:
“Can you improve my CV?
Career Objective
I want to pursue a challenging and creative career in an
organization with a reputation so that I can put in my best
efforts and skills. I would also want to enhance my skills
and to be successful in every sphere of life.”

Or you can provide your work experience to the AI Assistant, and it will help you find matching jobs.

For example:
“3 years exprience as a Cabin Crew with ABC Airlines, looking for a job in UAE”.

At the moment, our AI Assistant is in the beta (testing) phase. Please expect some errors or inaccuracies during this period.

The accuracy of our AI Assistant during testing is approximately 90%.

Plenty, at least we tried English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi.

We do have a few feature planning (hopefully I have time and the mind to do it):

  1. Upload your CV, A.I Assistant help to match perfect job.
  2. Upload your CV, A.I Assistant help to improve your CV.
  3. Ask A.I Assistant to create Cover Letter or CV.
  4. Ask A.I Assistant to email you when suitable job opening.
And many more…

YES! It’s free to use for our registered users.

Note: Better Aviation has to pay for server running costs and AI API fees to make this magic work.

At the moment this feature is under beta (testing) phase. Current phase, our A.I Assistant only able to handle small amout of request. Therefore we are limited to registered users to use it.

Please contact us, we will help you to resolve it.

It’s based on our website data and OpenAI‘s ChatGPT to process and answer.

In this beta (testing) phase, we can only handle the past 50-100 job listings on our website.

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