How to apply job from Better Aviation? Here is some tips and simple instruction.

Better Aviation is one of the most reliable aviation jobs website in the world, we also rated 5 out of 5 stars review in our Facebook page .

Better Aviation get all job information by our editor very frequently visit airlines website & social media to get latest recruitment information, also our followers provide job information to us.

Below is some tips applying job by using Better Aviation website:

Normal site:

First, read full details/requirement/criteria at our job listing page (click here to see sample), at the bottom of the job listing content, you will see a “APPLY FOR JOB” button, this will lead you to the application website.

If it is a Walk-In Interview, you might not able find any “APPLY FOR JOB” button, that’s mean you may just attend the Walk-In Interview without any online application/registration.

Google AMP site:

Google AMP is a website publishing technology that lets users load pages that load almost instantly on mobile phones.

Better Aviation started to do AMP site years ago, we are one of the leading Aviation Jobs website to do this, we wish users has the best experience on loading our page from Google Search.

Unfortunately, Google AMP site has some limitation. We are not able to create a “APPLY FOR JOB” button as in normal site. In this case, you may need to find any hyperlink in the content that may lead to application website, or you may need to scroll down until very bottom of the page, and click “View Non-AMP Version” (click here to see sample AMP site), this will lead you to a normal site, you may apply as above instruction as normal site.

Job Dashboard:

At our home page or jobs page, you will see a job dashboard listing, top of the job dashboard is search bar (see below sample 2 & sample 3), below search bar will be job listing, highlighted job will be at the top of the listing, then follow by job listing upload time.

Job map:

At our home page or job dashboard page, you will see a Map (see sample 1 below), you may zoom in or zoom our to the location you want, and click on the pin, then you will see the job information.
* Job Geo Location is only for reference, DOES NOT mean the interview/ recruitment location. Some of the devices may no show Job Map.

Sample 1 – Job Map (Mobile)

Searching job:

Do use our powerful search bar feature in our website to easily search the job you’re looking for. Below is few way to use our search bar.
* (search bar feature is not available for Goole AMP site)

Search by Keywords:

At our home page or job dashboard page you will see a Search Bar (see below sample 2 & sample 3), key-in any Keywords you would like to search, and click the “SEARCH” button.

Search by Regions (country):

Click on the “All Regions” dropdown button at Search Bar (see below sample 2 & sample 3), and select the job location you would like to search, or you also may use the dropdown search input to key-in the country you want to search.

Search by Job Type:

By default, you will search by all job type (see below sample 3). In case you don’t want to search that type you want, you may just un-check the job type box. This search feature only for large screen (desktop or tablet).

Combination of search feature:

You may also combine all above feature to get the best search result if you want.
For example: If you wish to find AirAsia Malaysia Cadet Pilot, you may follow steps below:

  1. Keywords: Key-in “AirAsia”
  2. Region (country): Select “Malaysia”
  3. Job Type (large screen devices only): You may un-check all job type and remain “Cadet Pilot”, or you may just default it (checked all job type boxes).

Sample 2: Search Bar (Mobile)

Sample 3: Search Bar (Desktop / Tablet)

Important notice:

Better Aviation DOES NOT representing to any airlines and/ or recruitment agency, anything regarding to the job, you may contact the airlines/ recruitment agency to get an official answer.

Enjoy job hunting at our website 🛫