How to apply job?

At our job listing page, you will see a “Job Overview” section, in the “Job Overview” section, click on “APPLY FOR JOB” button, it will lead you to the applying page or fill up application form, we will send your application to the airlines/company.

Note: If you using computer or large screen device, “Job Overview” section should be on your right side. If you using mobile device or smaller screen device, the “Job Overview” section should be at below, you will need to scroll down.

Why I can't see any "APPLY FOR JOB" button?

This could be if the job listing deadline is past, you will NOT see any “APPLY FOR JOB” button.
Secondly, this could be the airlines/company set the job has been filled (closed).
 Or, if the job has no link to apply (e.g: Walk-in interview).

Types of "APPLY FOR JOB" button

If the application by URL (link), after you click the “APPLY FOR JOB” button, this will lead you to the airlines/company website. You will have to apply directly to the airlines/company website.
If the applicaiton by email, you may apply directly to the airlines/company email, or you may click the “APPLY FOR JOB” button and fill up the application form, our system will help you send your applicaiton to the airlines/company email.

Example of Job Overview Section

Jobs listing in our website

Job Bookmark (save)

Browsing a job, but at the moment no time to apply?
With our Job Bookmark feature, you may now “Bookmark” (save) it with your account, apply it when you have time.

How to Bookmark it?

By using this feature, you must register an account with us.
At any job listing page header section, you will see a “BOOKMARK” button if you logged-in, or “LOGIN TO BOOKMARK” button if you’re not yet login button.
To Bookmark it, click the “BOOKMARK” button or “LOGIN TO BOOKMARK” button (required login).

Example of Job Listing Header Section

Then you will see a “BOOKMARK DETAILS” box, you may or may not enter “Notes” for your refrence. Click “ADD BOOKMARK” to save it.

Example of Bookmark Details Box

How to view or delete your bookmark?

Visit My Job Bookmark page ti view or delete your bookmark.
Note: You must logged-in your account to view or delete your bookmark.

Job Alerts

Wanna get update our latest job info that match your appetite?
With our Job Alerts feature, you may now create the type of Job Alerts, and system will email match job(s) to you.
For example: Set “Cabin Crew” job type daily Job Alerts, and you will receive match alert email daily.

How to create Job Alerts?

After logged-in your Better Aviation account, visit Job Alerts page, and click “ADD ALERT” button.

Example of Job Alerts page

Then you will need to key-in the alert you want.
It can be Keyword, Job Type, Job Category, and even Location based.
You also can choose how frequent you would like to receive Job Alerts.
For example, if you want to receive “Cabin Crew” type of alert, at the “Job Type” select “Cabin Crew”.

Example of adding Job Alert

How to edit your Job Alerts?

After logged-in your Better Aviation account, visit Job Alerts page, and you will able to view, email, edit, disable or delete your Job Alerts.

How to search a job?

The most easy way is using our home page seach bar to search keyword and job category (Pilot, Cabin Crew, etc…)

Example of home page search bar

How to search a company (airlines)?

Visit our Company Listiting page, at Company Listing page you will se alphabet sequence bar, you may click the first alphabet of the company name, it will scroll to the selection, or you may just scroll down to find the company you wanted to visit.

Example of alphabet sequence bar

Companies lisitng in our website

Still have no idea?

If you stil have no idea how to apply your deam job by using our website? Do drop us a message. Others that applying job? find out more at our FAQ page.

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