Fresh graduate pilot? Low hours pilot?

Better Aviation knows pilot without experience is not easy to get hired by the company, fortunately some of the company giving great opportunity for low hours pilot.

Therefore we create always updated List of Low Hours Pilot Jobs to let pilot catch these opportunity.

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Wish to be a Pilot, but don't know how?

Better Aviation knows that be a Pilot is your dream.
Therefore we create always updated List of Cadet Pilot Program to let your dream on.

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Corporate Jet Pilot Salary Study (2019)

Corporate pilot salaries have increased approximately 4% since last year. As aging pilots retire and others migrate to the major airline field due to higher pay, corporate flight departments are offering higher salaries and improving benefit packages.

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Education Financing for LLFA

Credit to PilotVisnu for this article, if you wish to know more about flying school, cadet pilot, etc… do visit PilotVisnu website at In the earlier days, pilots who join as private cadets apply personal loan or use their savings in order to pay for their flight training. Loan or scholarship as much as

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