FIs are responsible to the CFI in all aspects of flight training.

FIs shall:

  1. Be at least 21 years of age.
  2. Hold at least a valid Malaysia CPL or certificate of validation for CPL granted under the law of any State.
  3. Has completed at least 300 hours flight time as a pilot on aeroplane for single-pilot single-engine aeroplane.
  4. Has completed at least 500 hours flight time as a pilot on aeroplane for single-pilot multi engine aeroplane.
  5. Demonstrate flying proficiency, in the class or type which instructional duty is being sought.
  6. Must be employed by the same company for which instructional duty is sought;
  7. Demonstrate flying proficiency knowledge of the contents and interpretation of the following publications:
    1. MCAR 2016
    2. CAD 1
  8. Demonstrate thorough knowledge of the organisation’s operations manual, operating specifications, SOPs and applicable aircraft flight and operating manuals.
  9. Demonstrate knowledge and ability to conduct on a suitable candidate instructional duty as required and as appropriate, on the aircraft or simulator class or type, as applicable, on which the FI has been nominated. Such demonstrations shall be monitored and assessed by an inspector.
  10. Have received at least 10 hours of instrument flight instruction on the appropriate aircraft category, of which not more than 5 hours may be instrument ground time in an FSTD.
  11. Have completed 20 hours of VFR cross-country flight on the appropriate aircraft category as PIC.
  12. Must complete training according to CAD 1-PEL APPENDIX 11.

Responsibilities of FIs shall include:

  1. Planning, coordinating, and monitoring student’s programme.
  2. Conducting mass brief, pre-flight brief, and post flight brief.
  3. Conducting flying training in accordance with approved syllabus.
  4. Assisting CFI in monitoring student’s training progress
  5. Completing student’s FTR accordingly.
  6. Developing and monitoring the highest possible personal qualities and discipline of the students.
  7. Other tasks that allocated by the management.

To Apply:

Kindly email your resume to


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