Here at AirAsia, nothing is out of reach.

If you are dreaming about flying, now’s the time to make it happen. Whether you are fresh out of school, just spreading your wings or looking for a career change, AirAsia can help get your career off to a flying start.

Our cadet program is the perfect launchpad to initiate an exciting career in aviation. Envision yourself at the helm of an Airbus A320 as a commercial pilot, boldly navigating the horizon while delivering world class levels of precision and safety.

By training with AirAsia you’re guaranteed to unleash your full leadership potential while perfecting your analytical skills and eye for detail. The personal attention and guidance you will receive from your mentors at this program will nurture your passion for flying and see you transition seamlessly from a cadet to a high-performing pilot equipped for any challenge.

We invite you to step proudly into the ranks of the next generation of pilots through AirAsia’s Cadet Pilot Program.

Eligibility & Selection:

  • Nationality: Must be of Indian Nationality or hold an Overseas Citizenship of India
  • Education: 10+2 with Physics and Mathematics. – An aggregate score of 60% and a minimum score of 60% in Math, Physics and English individually
  • Age: 18 -28 years on the last date of application
  • Medical: Ability to hold a Class I & II unrestricted medical certification.


Training Pathway:

If you have a passion for flying and want a fulfilling career that takes you to the clouds, then look no further. The AirAsia cadet program has simplified all the steps and made earning your pilot stripes easier than ever before.

  1. Ground School
    The foundation for your flying career starts here. A series of training modules and examinations will ensure you’re ready for a real flight.
  2. Flight Training
    You will be sent to a flying school overseas where you finally sit in the cockpit and take-off for the first time. Complete this phase by earning a Commercial Pilot License.
  3. Conversion
    Your overseas Commercial Pilot License needs to be converted for Indian use. The verification process begins with examinations run by the DGCA and ends with some paperwork.
  4. Flight Test
    Your knowledge and flying abilities will be tested before you are licenced to fly in India.
  5. Type Rating
    Complete a technical ground school and simulator course to be certified as an Airbus A320 pilot.
  6. Graduation
    This is when your dreams are realised and you earn your wings as an AirAsia Second Officer.


Here at AirAsia we want your dreams to come true.

To make this possible, we have ensured that the course fees for the ‘AirAsia Cadet Pilot Program’ are the most competitive in the industry.

Our banking partners will support our cadets with easy loan options. Successful candidates will be briefed by the bank on requirements, qualifying criteria and documentation for obtaining funding solutions directly.

Assessment Fee:

Phase Description Cost(INR)
Phase 1 Screening – Eligibility and Suitability ₹ 3500
Phase 2 Candidates QCT and PAS ₹ 4000
Phase 3 Psychomotor, Spatial Ability & Physics ₹ 3600
Total ₹ 11100

Training Fees:

Sl. No Course Location Duration Course Fee
1 Ground School India 4 Months ₹2,00,000
2 Flying Training- CPL + MEIR New Zealand 12 – 14 Months ₹40,00,000
3 Accommodation, Food and Transport New Zealand 12 Months ₹9,00,000
4 Licence Conversion India 2 Months ₹4,00,000
5 A320 Type Rating + JetFam & MCC Malaysia 4 Months ₹25,00,000
Total ₹80,00,000

All prices are indicative and the location of flying training and Type rating along with their associated costs will vary over time.
The course fee does not include visa fees, licensing fees, medical fees and air travel. Furthermore, it does not include accommodation, food and transport for ground school and conversion in India and Type rating at Malaysia.

Funding Options:

In order to minimise the financial pressures, HDFC bank has provided options for aspiring pilots to gain access to funding solutions. HDFC bank is offering:

High Loan Amounts
HDFC will be providing unsecured funding upto 20 lakhs. Loans worth more than Rs. 20 lakhs are also available with collateral. For loan issued with collateral, no interest servicing is required till completion of the course.

Easy Loan Repayment
With flexible loan terms, competitive interest rates and the EMI starting post course completion.

Quick and Easy Disbursals
HDFC will provide doorstep service and quick and easy documentation processing to ensure that loans are disbursed as quickly as possible.

Tax Rebates
Tax benefits are available under section 80(E) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

AirAsia India is not considered as a Guarantor to any of the loans the cadet may avail form any bank. Further, AirAsia India will not provide any financial support to the cadets. Individual cadets are responsible for financing their course of study. Loans are provided by HDFC Bank for our Cadet Pilots. Candidates will be briefed by the Bank on requirements, qualifying criteria and documentation for obtaining the loan directly.

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