Would you like to become part of the world’s most international company?

A company that pioneered cross-border express delivery in 1969 and is now active in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. Do you want to be part of a company that connects people worldwide? And the more people we connect, the better life will be on our planet.

Do you want to make a difference? Then come join our Insanely Customer Centric Team and become a Certified International Specialist!

Overall Role Purpose:

  • To command DHL Aviation aircraft safely and efficiently in accordance with all company and regulatory rules and regulations.
  • Is responsible for the operation and safety of the airplane from the moment the airplane is first ready to move for the purpose of taxiing prior to take-off until the moment it finally comes to rest at the end of the flight and the engine(s) used as primary propulsion units are shut down.

Specific Role Context:

  • This position has full oversight and control of the aircraft once the Captain has assumed control.
  • Is responsible for the safe operation of the airplane and safety of its occupants and cargo from his arrival on board until he leaves the airplane at the end of the flight.
  • To maintain a sound knowledge and understanding of the applicable Civil Aviation Regulations, aircraft systems, Standard Operating Procedures and carriage of dangerous goods.
  • To foster solid working relationships with the crew on every flight in a dynamic environment where the Captain could be flying with a different crew member on any given day of a week.
  • To encourage crew members to participate in decision making processes and to distribute work load evenly amongst crew members.
  • To instill a firm understanding of the importance of OTP.

Skills / Qualifications:

  • Airline Transport Pilot License.
  • Experience commensurate with aircraft type and laid out in the Training Manual.
  • Sound knowledge of the applicable Civil Aviation Regulations.
  • Good communication skills are a prerequisite for this position.
  • All components of CRM should be fully understood and continually practiced.
  • Non B767 type rated Captains should have 5000 hours total time.
  • Non B767 type rated Captains should have1500 hours pilot in command above 60 Tons.
  • B767 type rated Captains should have 4000 hours total time.
  • B767 type rated Captains should have1000 hours PIC on Type.
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