Educational Qualifications:

Direct Entry Rated First Officer:

  • Valid ATPL (EASA/ICAO) OR EASA CPL/IR with Frozen ATPL.
  • Valid Rating B737NG Rating.
  • ICAO English Language Proficiency (written and verbal) minimum of level 4.
  • Current Class 1 Medical.
  • Minimum total hours 1500 flying hours on multi-pilot certified aeroplanes.
  • Minimum 300 hours on type.
  • Age less than 46 years.

Job Description:


  1. Maintain familiarity with relevant Oman and International air legislation and agreed aviation practices and procedures;
  2. Maintain familiarity with such provisions of the Company Operations Manual as are necessary to fulfil his function;
  3. Assist the Commander as requested, concerning administrative duties in relation to the flight; and
  4. Support the Commander in the maintenance of a proper standard of crew discipline, conduct and personal appearance.
  5. Ensure that department set policies are maintained in regards to fuel saving and company set KPI’s/OTP are achieved.
  6. To carry out such duties concerning the flight, in accordance with company Standard Operating Procedures, including procedures, limitations and performance relating to the specific airplane type, as are allocated to him by the commander.
  7. To confirm the safe navigation of the airplane, maintaining a continuous and independent check upon both the geographical position of the aero-plane and its safe terrain clearance.
  8. To volunteer such advice, information and assistance to the commander, as may contribute favorably towards the safe and efficient conduct of the flight.
  9. To seek and receive such information and/or explanation from the commander, as may be necessary to enable the First Officer to fulfil his function.
  10. To maintain a high personal standard of discipline, conduct and appearance as a representative of the company; and thereby to support the commander, by active example, in the development and maintenance of a high standard of professional expertise and morale amongst the crew.
  11. On a flight where a cabin crew member is not carried, his responsibilities are those appropriate to the task as detailed in OM-A.

Job Location: Muscat

Closing Date: 31-12-2018

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