Ryanair Boeing 737NG

CAE are accepting applications from suitable candidates to the Ryanair B737NG Type-Rating Program.

If you are eligible to apply, we would like to invite you to create a profile/account on our CAE website (applicants must meet the Entry Requirements detailed on both the CAE and Ryanair websites before creating an account).

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have already applied via our CAE website but have not yet been contacted by CAE or Ryanair, please continue to update your ONE EXISTING profile/account each month.  It is important that you do not create multiple profiles or applications on our website for this program.

Suitable applicants will be contacted in due course, when their profile/application is able to proceed in the selection process.


Ryanair is the world’s leading ultra-low fares airline with annual traffic of approximately 79 million passengers. Ryanair now has 51 bases and 1,500 low fare routes that cover destinations across 28 countries, flying a fleet of 298 B737-800 aircraft with an average aircraft age of only 3 years.

CAE is proud to remain one of Ryanair’s approved training organisations having now delivered over 1000 pilots to Ryanair over the past six years. As a Ryanair-approved training organisation, CAE will give you the opportunity to fly one of the world’s best fleets and potentially join a team of dedicated, professional and flexible pilots that keep Ryanair No. 1 for safety and punctuality.

If you are interested, please read the following information carefully and complete the on-line application form.

Entry Requirements

To qualify as cadets, applicants must have a valid JAR or EASA Frozen ATPL (Air Transport Pilots License), which can be obtained from a JAR (Joint Aviation Requirement) or EASA approved flying school.

JAR or EASA approved flying schools offer either an integrated course or a modular course. Cadets who have conducted a modular course need to have a minimum of 100 hours Pilot in Command (PIC) and a total time of around 200 hours.

Applicant should :

  • Have a valid multi-engine instrument rating;
  • Hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of multi-crew co-operation (MCC)*;
  • Have a flight crew license (theoretical ATPL with valid JAR or EASA CPL);
  • Have a valid JAR or EASA -FCL 3 Class 1 Medical;
  • Must have a flight school report. This applies to both Integrated and Modular students;
  • Be prepared to obtain an Irish JAR or EASA license after successful conclusion of the training program;
  • Be prepared to fly from any Ryanair base in Europe;
  • Have the right to work freely within the European Union

* Note: pilots who currently do not have a MCC certificate, pilots who need refresher training due to lack of flight time or pilots who require initial jet orientation training are invited to apply for the CAE MCC Course (based on Ryanair and Boeing Operating Procedures)

Selection Process

The selection procedure takes place at either the Stansted, East Midlands Training Center’s (UK) or in Dublin (Ireland). The day begins with an introduction to Ryanair and the recruitment team. Pilots can expect:

  • A pre-simulator briefing
  • Simulator assessment in a B737-800 simulator – 45 minutes as both pilot flying and PNF. Basic handling skills, CRM and flight management will be assessed
  • English language test
  • Technical assessment – 30 minutes assessing your technical knowledge on your current/previous aircraft type(s)
  • Personnel interview – Approximately 30 minutes to convince Ryanair of your suitability to join the team, and to prove that you are the sort of person who will thrive in an environment where hard work and effort are rewarded.

Within 7 working days after the selection day, applicants will be contacted by phone or e-mail with feedback, be it positive or negative.

Those who emerge successfully from the selection process will be offered a place on a type-rating course at CAE Center Amsterdam or at East Midlands Training Center.

The Course

In addition to a six-day introduction course at East Midlands Training Center, the type-qualification course at CAE Center Amsterdam or East Midlands Training Center will take approximately six weeks (excluding base and line training).

The course consists of:

Ground Training

  • Computer-based training on systems and equipment
  • Instructor support for CBT (CAE Simfinity®)
  • Stand-up instruction on performance, weight and balance
  • Fixed-base simulator sessions
  • Flight management system sessions
  • Standard operating procedure training
  • Pre-examination
  • Written theoretical knowledge examination including results and evaluation

Simulator Training

  • 9 4-hour sessions per crew
  • 1 crew skills test session per crew
  • 1 preliminary simulator circuit training of 1 hour per trainee

Base and Line Training

After successful completion of the training qualification course, circuits will be flown on a Ryanair B737-800.

Line training will be provided by Ryanair from one of their many bases. The number of sectors varies with the experience level of the pilot. It is estimated that low-hours cadets will fly approximately 90 sectors, and experienced JAR 25 pilots approximately 30 sectors at a rate of 50 sectors per month.

Financial Structure

  • Assessment fee: £260 (The Assessment fee is non-refundable)
  • Type Rating Course:
    • € 29,500 excluding VAT (for courses starting before 01 April 2015)

  • Extra costs (travelling, housing, ID application, etc.): at cost, payable by student.

Accommodations and Travelling

Accommodations and travelling during assessment and the training qualification course will be at your own expense and responsibility. CAE will support you in finding affordable accommodations. Typical rates for accommodations in the Amsterdam area vary from € 400 to € 800 per person per month.

Training Start Dates

Courses start weekly throughout the year for suitable candidates.

Opportunity to Fly for Ryanair

Successful candidates may be offered an opportunity to fly for a contract pilot agency that supplies a pool of pilots that operate on Ryanair aircraft. 


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