Job Purpose:

If you are a motivated and technically proficient pilot who delivers excellence, we would like you to register your interest for future opportunities.

We offer a competitive total remuneration package, paid tax free in Dubai. You can find out more about our airline, our employee benefits and living in Dubai on our careers website.

Qualifications & Experience:

To join as a First Officer on our B777 and A380 fleets, you will need the following experience:

  • Minimum of 2000 hours flying multi-engine, multi-crew, turboprop and/or jet aircraft with a MTOW ≥ 20T OR
  • Minimum of 3000 hours flying multi-engine, multi-crew, turboprop and/or jet aircraft with a MTOW between 10T & 20T; simulator time cannot be accepted
  • Flown at least 150 hours within the last 12 months on an aircraft with MTOW ≥ 10T
  • A valid ICAO ATPL (or USA equivalent) with its associated class 1 medical certificate*
  • ICAO English Level 4 or above

* Pilots with Frozen ATPL (CPL + ATPL Theory exams completed) can be invited for the selection on the provision that they obtain a full ATPL prior to joining if successful

** Enhanced salary requirements (subject to final management approval):

If you are currently type rated on B744, B777, B787 or A330/340/350/380 and meet the following criteria, you may be entitled to an enhanced package:

  • 5000 hours flying an aircraft with a MTOW ≥ 50T of which:
    • 3000 hours are on B744, B777, B787 or A330/340/350/380 and
    • 500 hours were flown in the last 12 months before joining Emirates
  • ICAO English level 5 or above (or equivalent)

Salary & Benefits

Join us in Dubai and enjoy an attractive tax-free salary and travel benefits that are exclusive to our industry, including discounts on flights and hotels stays around the world. You can find out more information about our employee benefits in the Working Here section of our website www.emirates.com/careers. Further information on what’s it like to live and work in our cosmopolitan home city, can be found in the Dubai Lifestyle section.

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