Role Purpose

Commander’s deputy and is a member of the flight crew acting in a piloting capacity; assist commander in the management of the flight and the manipulation of the aircraft controls at commander’s direction.

Key Accountability

Avails himself of all relevant aeronautical and meteorological information as well as of relevant papers documenting the aircraft’s technical status and its anticipated loads

Participate in carrying out cockpit normal/abnormal and emergency procedur, checklists and instrument approach procedures.

Assist commander in compiling all required filled Trip documents after flight.

Handling over the aircraft to its next crew or to apprppriate maintenance personnel or, where appropriate secure the aircraft.


  • Hold valid Comercial Pilot License (CPL) with frozen Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and appropriate rating
  • Hold minimum Level 4 English Proficiency certificate

Working Experience

>15 – Minimum age of 18 years old

Skills & Knowledge

Passed all related Type Course and Training.

Comprehensive knowledge on company operational procedures and all regulatory requirements.