AirAsia Cadet Pilot Walk Through Experience (2019)

A new selection process for 2019 intake which may differ from previous. Still, it consists of 6 Stages as per below:

Stage 1: – Harrison Assessment (Personality Test)
Stage 2: – Quantitive Critical Thinking & Personality Assessment Screener
Stage 3: – Psychomotor, Spatial Orientation and Physics
Stage 4: – Interview
Stage 5 (Part 1): – Class 1 Medical
Stage 5 (Part 2): Psychoactive Test

“Entry Exam has been scrapped for fair selection”


Stage 1: Harrison Assessment (5500 applicants)

5500 applicants applied for Air Asia Cadet Pilot Assessments 2019 based on the Recruitment Captain. Air Asia is demanding for pilot at this moment due to the expansion of their fleets. Thus, about 200 cadet pilots are targeted for the year of 2019.

Harrison Team, a talent management company partnered with Air Asia to come out with assessments to identify your personalities. This stage takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete the questions and you are allowed to do it at your own devices at home. Only one submission allowed per candidate.

A note that I’d like to highlight for Harrison Assessment. Just be yourself when answering the questions, no rush and take your time. There’s no right or wrong answer, it is whether you agree or disagree based on your point of view towards the question.

Just be honest because the system is able to detect whether you’re lying to yourself. There’s a percentage of reliability at the end of the test which could determine your success to next stage. So that’s all about Stage 1. Nothing much technical

Stage 2 : Quantitive Critical Thinking & Personality Assessment Screener Test

According to recruitment captain during registration, there were approximately 5500 applicants who submitted their application at Stage 1, then out of that number the candidates who get shortlisted to Stage 2 is about 600 plus.

It was an hour session for Stage 2 which is separated into 2 parts.

Quantitive Critical Thinking, which is basically a simultaneous equation math test, will be evolved into a “System-of -equation words problem” by Harrison Team to test the candidates about their understanding, justification, decisiveness and critical thinking.

45 minutes is given to attempt as many question as possible. Candidates were told to begin the test at Level 5, which is pretty simple and basic 3-minute question. The system will automatically jump to the next question if you did not managed give input within given time.

An increasingly in difficulty takes place for each correct answer attempted, don’t worry and panic, the duration to answer each question will be extended accordingly. By the time you reach Level 10 question, you will be given 12 minutes to answer. So to survive stage 2, at lease aim to reach 10-minute question.

Meanwhile the system will stop you when you fail to answer correctly for consecutive 3 times. So beard in mind, fully utilise the time for each question to double check you answer. Stay calm and cool to reach at least 10-minute question.

Personality Assessment Screener Test is similar to Harrison Test. It was done on our own device, wasn’t hard because it is whether you agree or disagree with the given statement. Answer it honestly you will be fine.

Stage 3 : Psychomotor, Spatial Orientation & Physics Test

It was a nasty 3 weeks of waiting. We’ve finally got invitation to attend Stage 3! Yayyyyyy!

There were 3 parts for Stage 3, approximately 1 hour to finish. Bear with me caz it’s a long post!

Here comes the most exciting Psychomotor where your multi-tasking and hand-eye-coordination skill are tested. There is 1 Primary Task comes along with another 3 Secondary Tasks to be completed in 15 minutes.

Make yourself comfortable to the joystick, then here you go for the primary task. The purple cross in the middle of Primary Flight Display (PFD) started moving around when the test begins. Follow and maintain the cross in the middle is your Primary mission. At the same time, there will be 2 sets of 6-digit number pop out on the screen, you gotta remember it until key-in input awaiting. Likewise, there are 3×3 grids on top left and right corner of your screen. You need to respond to the number pad if any of the grid illuminates. Last, a random number will be called thru your headset. Respond to stated key on your joystick when you hear consecutive odd or even number.

Prior to the test, every candidate given 2 minutes to practice, fair enough. For memory part, the technique is repeat the number by your mouth until input is called. The numbers given weren’t complicated. Most of them were like 95000, 20002 so do not worry.

Don’t feel panic when you missed something, it is common and just keep your focus ongoing.

Spatial Orientation was actually cube rotation to test your focus and memory.

An initial position will be called at the beginning of the test and you are required to remember it. After that it was followed by rotation command (LEFT, RIGHT, FRONT, BACK). Hence, you need to find out the final position of the red cross.

Physics was pretty straight forward. Make sure you’re equipped with Physic knowledge at SPM level. There were about 15 questions and that’s all.

Stage 4 : Face-Face Interview

Brace yourself because this is the most nerve wrecking moment! For 2019 there are approximately 240 candidates made it to this stage. The interview sessions are available in whole July for us to choose for the most comfortable date. What mattered the most is that we got the privilege to have our interview at Air Asia RedQ- Home of Allstars! Without further do, let’s get straight to it!

Stage 4 interview is the time for the interview panel to meet you physically to have a quick evaluation and understanding about you. The session is conducted by 3 interviewer ( 2 Captain 1 HR personnel). Hence, there is no technical question at all.

Question that I was being asked :

  1. Describe your life before you start working.
  2. What makes you come to a decision to apply for this cadet pilot program.
  3. What is your best accomplishment?
  4. What hurt you the most in your life?
  5. What do you see yourself in 10 years time?
  6. Show me your passion for being an aviation enthusiast.

That’s all about my interview. It took me about 20 minutes to complete the interview. The interview panels are friendly and they don’t provoke. But bear in mind, be sure the info you tell them are real and informative, don’t make stories because they will dwell into it get more info from you.

Stage 5: Class 1 Medical Checkup

August 2019 has been a memorable day that we received an e-mail from Air Asia that we passed all the assessments! Hence, we’re required to obtain Class 1 Medical Certificate!

Prior getting our Class 1 Medical Cert, we are require to complete :

  1. CAAM Approved Eye Test at Tun Hussien Onn National Eye Hospital (THONEH)
  2. Chest X-ray at any private hospital (To check backbone scoliosis, lung and heart enlargement).

Upon completion as per mentioned above, you are good to proceed for Class 1 Medical Checkup at Aviation Medical Examiner . Bring both the Eye Test and X-ray Report to any Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) so you can get your Class 1 Certificate immediately.

Stage 5 (Part 2) : Psychoactive Test

No sweat for this test if you’re not a drug addict. A report will be sent to HR upon completion of your consultation as a clearance.



  • Ali Mortada
    November 13, 2019 at 5:52 pm

    im lebanese 23 years old with a commercial pilot license and frozen atpl and English proficiency level6 and emb135/145 type rating. any chance here?

  • William
    November 14, 2019 at 12:40 am

    Dream to be a pilot

  • Sara Juhi
    February 2, 2020 at 9:45 pm

    I love AirAsia, I want to be a aviation member of AirAsia especially cabin crew and I wanna join cadet pilot program.

  • Muhd Raihan
    May 9, 2020 at 6:00 am

    Actually its been my dream and my passion to become a pilot since i was in the form 2 of secondary school. This year i am 17 years old and i really want to become a pilot. Is there any chance for a student like me to be a cadet at this age? Is there any chance that this programme will open again in 2020 and 2021?

  • Minenhle
    February 28, 2023 at 6:23 pm

    Hi I’m trying to apply but when it’s time for me to upload documents it’s tells me with Atleast one document if anyone who can assist please help


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