30K Instagram Followers

By August 1, 2022 News

After managing our Instagram for more than 5 years (since March 2017), our Instagram recently hit 30K (30,000) followers and 8 millions (8,000,000) total website views. This is remarkable! We would like to take this opportunity to appreciate your unconditional support, even when the pandemic hit aviation industry badly for the past 2 years. After […]

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Experience the Life of a Pilot

By February 1, 2019 Blog, News, Video

“Cabin crew, please be seated for take-off…” When you’re gazing out of the window at 35,000 feet, have you ever wondered just how much preparation pilots need to safely guide your plane through the skies? A lot of us are curious about the people who keep us comfortable and safe on our adventures around the […]

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Experience the Life of a Cabin Crew

By January 25, 2019 Blog, News, Video

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard…” Did you know that the person who serves you your inflight meal is not just a crew member, but also a firefighter, nurse and lifeguard? The friendly people who welcome you on-board go through professional training every year to help keep you safe. Watch this video to find out what […]

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China Southern Airlines Interview Process and Stages 2017 (Malaysia)

中国南方航空第四次招大马籍空姐 2017年 今天要和大家分享南航来马招聘的点点滴滴。今年是第四届招聘了,老实说今年我是第二次参加了。第一次的我也不多说明了,因为自己紧张结果第一轮就不通过了。 相信大家会通过各个媒体了解到南航来大马招聘的消息,首先大家先把自己的履历(resume/cv)以及到官方网站发布的招聘表格填上再发去指定的邮箱。假如大家被甄选中,南航就会发邮件告诉你被shortlisted了。而邮件里也会通知你时间于地点进行一系列的面试。

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China Southern Airlines Interview Process and Stages 2014 (Malaysia)

中国南航第一次招大马籍空姐 10月2014年 过程如下: 有意者先把各自的履历发给南航指定电子邮件 然后通过他们评选出来的会收到通知被邀到面试,包含时间与地点。 *我们大马人所说的 shortlisted 南航面试总共有三关,大概一星期内完成。(不包括体检) 由于南航第一次到大马来招聘大马人,我相信有好多人都像我一样想了解更多关于面试细节之类的东西,可以向那里的工作人员了解,他们都很乐意为你解答。在我来面试之前,我通过网站结交了一个来自荷兰的南航空姐 他向我描述了南航招聘外籍乘务员的次序还有其他建议。这是南航让我印象深刻的 和蔼可亲乐于帮助的工作人员与考官。每一天的面试和他们的相处,冥冥之中让我对南航建立了更多的信心。

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