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In the earlier days, pilots who join as private cadets apply personal loan or use their savings in order to pay for their flight training. Loan or scholarship as much as RM400,000 were only provided to cadets who passed their cadetship and get their job secured.

Layang Layang Flying Academy (LLFA) is proud to announce the association with AFFIN bank and is accepted in the panel. Interested Cadets can now approach to this bank for study loan to pursue their flying career with with LLFA.

AFFIN Education Financing-i is a Shariah-compliant scheme designed specially for qualified individuals of selected University or College duly approved by the Bank to obtain financial assistance for their education plan. Based on the concept of Ijarah, the financing will cover their education programme for a truly seamless study experience.


Student (Main applicant)

  • Malaysian citizen
  • Age between 18 years old to 45 years old
  • Applicable for full and part time students, new in-take or existing students For part time student, the application will be accepted, with or without joint applicants. Part time student must be under employment
  • Open to all Foundation, Certificate, Pre-University (e.g. A-Level), Diploma, Degree, Postgraduate.
  • (Master’s degrees & Doctorates) and Professional Courses for students of appointed universities / colleges

Parent/Spouse/Siblings/ Guardian (Joint Applicant)

  • Malaysian citizen
  • Age between 21 years old and above
  • Minimum annual income of RM24,000.00 The product requires joint applicant (open to all) to jointly apply with the student as part of risk mitigation
  • The DSR / payment capacity will be assessed on the joint applicant based on the Bank’s Consumer Credit Instruction Manual


  • Minimum: 5 years
  • Maximum: 15 years
  • *Note: The following tenure shall be based on student’s age up to 15 years

Financing Amount

  • Minimum financing amount : RM5,000
  • Maximum financing amount : RM400,000
  • Note: The financing amount is based on the Coursework Fee offered by the University / College.

During the period where the financing is partially disbursed (by semester), the Customer is only required to pay ujrah servicing which commensurate with the amount disbursed during the period.

Customer is required to pay the full rental amount upon expiry of grace period of the facility.


Coursework Programme Fees : RM370,000.00
Total Financing Amount : RM300,000.00
Margin of finance : 81%
Tenure : 10 years Ujrah : BR+4.00% p.a. = ERR 8.10% p.a.
Monthly instalment : RM3656.00

The total amount you have to pay is RM438,720.00

* The BR shown in this disclosure sheet is subject to changes.
*Important: Your monthly rental and total payment amount will vary if the BR change.


For more info, kindly visit Affin Bank AFFIN Education Financing-i  website.

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